A main sewer line blockage can have a devastating effect on your entire house. It can slow down all drains in your home, causing backups, and could even cause your whole house to collapse. If left untreated, a main drain line clog can lead to severe water damage. It is also possible to cause major health problems.

It is not recommended to try to clear any main drain line by yourself. However, you can try some home remedies to get rid of a smaller blockage before calling a professional Pasadena Plumber.

  • Get in there: Use a plunger to clear any obstructions within the line. Your plunging might have helped the slow drains subside and the high-water level drop.
  • Snake it: Slowly twist your drain snake counterclockwise into any drain you think is blocked. Twist the snake counterclockwise while you are pulling it out. Drain snakes can become stuck in drains. If you can pull the snake out and draw out the clog you may have cleaned your smaller connecting line.
  • Check the vent. Sometimes pressure can prevent your drains down your main sewer lines from draining. Use a drain snake, garden hose or retrieval tool to release the pressure from your vent.

How the Pros Clear a Main Sewer Line Clog

If none of the above methods are successful, it is time to call a professional Pasadena Plumber. Do not attempt to fix your main sewer lines on your own.

Even if you hire equipment, you can cause further damage to the home and put your safety at risk.