These are some tips from our plumbers on how to handle plumbing emergencies.

When the Pipe Burst

Turn off main water pressure and lower pressure pipes by closing basement faucets. If the hot water pipe is involved, turn off your water heater.

Turn the main line back on. This will allow you to use cold water while you repair the pipe.

Frozen Sink Drain

Our Glendale Plumbers recommend filling the sink in hot water with a little bit of table salt.

Clogged Kitchen Drain

Grease is the most common cause of sink clogs. Our Glendale Plumbers suggest holding a drain stopper inside one of the bowls, while you plunge.

Bathtub Clogs

You can plug the drain to stop the air from getting out.

Sewer Problems

Sewer problems can sometimes cause drains to back up. Long Beach plumbers recommend flushing your toilet.

It is important not to use too much water in order to allow enough drain time. If the sump dump is connected to the sewer, unplug it. Otherwise, the sewage could flow through the sink.

Powered Toilet

For small to medium clogs, use a plunger. If the toilet is full or clogged, turn off the water supply.

Hot Water

There may be three reasons your water heater isn’t heating up. Check the gas-fired unit to make sure the pilot light is on.

Our Glendale Plumbers suggest that you follow all instructions to relight the unit. To inspect an electric unit, flip on the correct circuit breaker and examine the fuse panel.

Low Water Pressure

Our Glendale Plumbers recommend that you test your water heater for any signs of water loss. To use an electric motor, flip the circuit breaker.