Stop reaching for the plunger to find out what’s causing your toilet to clog. There are many reasons your toilet might be clogging. Our Glendale, CA Plumbers can help you find them.

There are 5 Reasons Your Toilet is Clogging

Plunging a toilet every day can prove to be quite a hassle. Plunging is temporary, but it can be a hassle. It’s essential to find the cause of the clogs. There are five main reasons why your toilet keeps clogging.

Old Toilet

Older toilets may not be able to handle high volumes of flushes. Upgrade your existing toilet to ensure it works properly and conforms to current standards. The newer toilets are flushable with less water while still completely clearing the bowl.

Fill Vave Issues

Verify that the fill valve is operating properly. The fill valve is an internal mechanism in the toilet tank that makes sure there is enough water to flush. Clogs can occur when the tank does not contain enough water.

Pipe Bloatages

There is also the possibility of a blockage in your pipes. This is most likely due to flushing things that shouldn’t be flushed. It is possible for items such as razors or toothbrushes to accidentally get flushed into the toilet. This could cause a blockage.

Sewage Line Problems

If your toilet is clogging, it could be because there is a serious problem with your sewer line. There are many causes for sewer line problems, including broken pipes, tree roots, or corrosion of metal pipes.

It is impossible for homeowners to prevent this type of damage. But regular inspections and maintenance of the sewer lines can reveal small issues before they turn into costly problems.

Plumbing Venting Issues

If your plumbing vent is damaged or blocked, you might experience clogging. The plumbing vent is responsible for removing gas from your plumbing system and maintaining proper pressure. Your toilet could not flush correctly if your plumbing vent has been damaged by weather or blocked by debris.