Homeowners should be alert to any potential problems and act quickly to resolve them. If you don’t, it could escalate into a more serious problem. Should you panic if your sink is gurgling when you use it in the bathroom?

Is it okay to ignore it? Do you need to fix the problem? Do you require a professional Glendale, CA Plumber to fix the problem? The drain may be gurgling because of several factors, some of which require professional plumbing assistance.

What Causes a Gurgle to Drain?

Air bubbles are pushing their way upwards from the drain, causing that gurgling sound. If a clog develops in your pipes, air bubbles can build up around it. The trapped air will then flow upwards as the water from your sink flows through the pipe. This is the result of air displacement. It causes drain gurgling.

You will also find ventilation pipes that lead to the roof. These ventilation pipes allow gasses to escape from the sewer line through the roof vents. However, if these vents become blocked, which is usually caused by bird, rodent and insect nesting materials, the gasses will be forced back down into your water lines and make it to your drain.

Bad odors can also be caused by a gurgling drainage pipe. Because the natural gasses in the sewer lines are not allowed to escape through the venting area, they can cause noxious odors.

The sewer line running from your home to the street may also be blocked. If not dealt with promptly, it can cause serious and expensive damage. To ensure that your main municipal sewer is clean and free from damage, it is important to conduct regular sewer line inspections. You can do this with a remote cam which guides through your pipes to the main line.

You will be able to tell if something is seriously wrong by asking your drain why it gurgle next time.

It may be worth hiring a professional to clean your drains. These are steps to follow to repair your drain and sewer pipe before it causes more damage.

Find The Cause Of The Gurgle

If the sink itself is gurgling, then the problem may be limited to the particular sink and the vent line or drain line. The problem may be with the main vent, or somewhere else.

As we have already mentioned, drain gurgling is usually a sign that there is a more serious problem. This is a sign that you need to take immediate action if your drains gurgle at regular intervals.

Use a snake or an agger to clear the vent and drain pipe

If you have the skills and experience to handle this task on your own, feel free to take on the job. If the vent appears blocked, then you can clean the vents by hosing them up on the roof. You can also push a sewer auger down to the area where the blockage is, by using a roof vent opening.

If the clog is located in the drain pipe, you can try to remove the drain plate by using a snake. You might also be able to insert the snake through the small drain on the exterior of your house and push the sewer line up to the street. If you don’t do it correctly, this can become a complicated and time-consuming process.

Contact a Professional Plumber

You need the right tools, knowledge, experience, and skills to do any of these things. A professional Glendale, CA Plumber can help you determine what next.

A clogged drain can lead to serious damage to the plumbing system, and even invalidate your insurance or warranty.