Plan your utilities and where they will be located when you remodel your kitchen. You will be able to save a lot of time if your new kitchen design is identical to the existing one. Some rerouting of utilities may still be required in some cases. You will also need to rethink the placement of utilities if your home is being completely renovated. your local Glendale plumbing professional will help you with any issues that may arise from your new utility hookups.


The kitchen sink must have water connections. It should also be able to heat and cool. The supply and waste pipes for dishwashers are also required. These pipes often extend from the sink plumbing. This is why you will find them next to each other in your kitchen.

If you need to modify your waste pipes, such as to move the dishwasher farther away, you will need to notify your local inspector.


You must decide if existing gas lines require rerouting or adjustment. Make sure to check all connections for your new gas appliances.


When local Glendale Plumbers say “electrical appliances”, they probably mean toasters, microwaves or coffeemakers.

It is important to have enough outlets, and they should be well-placed. You may also need special outlets to connect large appliances to 220 volts.

After you have established your layout (including a plan to light the area), then you can plan how to reroute electrical wiring. If you have the necessary knowledge, you can do the wiring yourself.


Lighting design is a topic in and of itself. The goal should be to provide ample illumination throughout the room, as well as focused lighting for specific tasks like food preparation and dishwashing. Aesthetic lighting could be added to the kitchen for entertaining. Lighting can be mounted in the ceiling, inside and under cabinets, as well as in range hoods.


Outdoor kitchens require a utility sink or outdoor faucet to create a wet bar. If you need to add hot water lines, stop winter pipes from freezing, or install separate piping for wastewater collection to your home’s drain system, this can increase the cost.

It is easier to attach the pipes to your home if your outdoor kitchen is located near your home. Your local emergency Glendale Plumber can help you with the plumbing of your outdoor kitchen.


The DIY Network suggests that you remodel your kitchen to increase efficiency and save money.

  1. Reroute the electrical wiring if needed
  2. Reroute plumbing, including gas lines, if needed
  3. Complete structural work on walls and ceilings.
  4. Install base cabinets first, then wall cabinets
  5. Install countertops and backsplash
  6. Install plumbing fixtures, including a sink.
  7. Install stove (or separate stove/oven)
  8. Install an exhaust fan