There’s a good possibility that your toilet leaks because of a damaged toilet-flange. The flange is the metal fitting that attaches to the top of the wax ring and seals the connection between your toilet and your sewer pipe.

A leak is likely to occur if one of these pieces breaks or becomes worn. This is a common problem. However, we can help you to fix the problem.

5 Toilet Flange Leak Symptoms

While there are many reasons for a leaky toilet, one of the most common is when the flange or wax ring underneath the toilet are damaged, crooked, broken or otherwise faulty. How do you determine if the toilet’s flange has failed?

These are the top five common signs of a leaky wax ring or toilet flange:

How to repair a toilet flange

A toilet flange should usually be replaced about every six to seven ton to keep it in good shape. You will need to remove and disconnect the toilet, after you have shut off the water supply.

Then, remove the old wax ring and flange. Clean out all debris and dirt that might prevent the flange working properly. It’s now time to replace the wax ring with a new flange.

Sometimes the bolts holding down the toilet become rusty and the nuts can’t be removed easily. To remove existing bolts and to replace them with newer ones, you may need to use a reciprocating or hacksaw.

To fix a toilet flange leak, call a local Glendale, CA Plumber

Toilet leaks shouldn’t be something you do lightly. A leaking toilet could cause significant damage to your house and can even lead to safety and health issues.