Are you frustrated when the water drains slow after you have finished washing dishes? Do your feet soak in standing water when you turn off the hot shower? Yes, clogged drainage is a nuisance. It can range from a sink backed with grease to hair or soap scum preventing the shower or bathtub draining.

How do you prevent clogs from forming and allow water to flow freely? These are some ways to clear clogs and prevent them from happening again.

Unclogging your Household Drains

There are several common tools that can be used to clear clogs. These include a plunger and white vinegar.

How to Unclog the Sink Drain

It is crucial to maintain a clean drain in your kitchen. It is easy for food scraps to build up in the sink while you prepare and clean up. There are four things you can do to clear a sink drain.

  1. Clean the Plug. First, clean the gunk underneath the drain stopper. This is often the main reason for slow sink drainage.
  2. Sink Plunger. Pour hot water down the drain, and then use the plunger to break up the blockage and clean away any remaining debris.
  3. Baking Soda and White Vinegar are two great ways to unclog a drain. You can use common household items to do this. Pour hot water down your drain to loosen the clog. Then, add 1/2 cup baking soda to the drain. Allow the mixture to heat for a few moments before closing the drain plug. Pour hot water into the drain to flush it again.
  4. Use the Drain Snake. For very stubborn clogs you may need to use a more aggressive technique, such as a drain serpent. This flexible auger or steel cable can reach deep into the pipes to remove stubborn clogs. Cranking the snake’s handle (some models are connected to an electric driver), will enable it to turn and move further into the pipe to latch onto the problem clog. Pull the auger out when it feels like the debris is stuck in the drain. Make sure you have some rubber gloves on hand for this unpleasant task.

Unclogging a Bath Drain

Waiting for your bathwater drain to clear can be frustrating, especially if there are others waiting to take a hot shower. For a blocked bathtub drain, try the following methods: How to Unclog Sink Drain

  • Remove the Plug
  • Use a Plunger
  • Vinegar and baking soda
  • Snake Drain

Drain Clog Prevention Tips

Although drain clogs are inevitable, taking a proactive approach will help reduce their impact on your household. Below are some tips to help you prevent drain clogs.

  • After each shower and bath, rinse your hair out of the bathroom drains.
  • Pay attention to what goes down the sink in your kitchen. Always throw out tough, starchy, greasy fish skins and food scraps.
  • Every few months, clean your drains with boiling water and vinegar to melt any accumulated grease or debris.

Do you have stubborn drain clogs The pros are available

A blocked drain can stop water flow and also prevent you from cooking, cleaning, or any other household activities. When the above-mentioned methods fail to clear your blocked drain, it is time to call your local Glendale, CA Plumbers.